Every year Rossco is running exciting fun-filled fundraising events to keep Noddy the Carer Car on the road and help the less abled get to important doctors appointments and hospital visits.


Noddy is a known part of the community and in use every day helping people get across town with ease. Noddy does around 15000km every year.  This means we need to support all the costs like rego, servicing, repairs, tyres, fluffy dice and chrome spinning rims. Well, everything but the last two items. 

Now Rossco is in need of 'A Nudda Noddy' to help keep up with the demand of helping the less fortunate.  The demand for assistance in the local community is very real and grows faster than we can support it.  That's why the Ross Hutchison Foundation team is committed to getting, 'A Nudda Noddy on the road'!


Our first step is to raise funds and, you guessed it, that's why we need your help.  You can be a vital part of helping Rossco buy, 'A Nudda Noddy'.  Please donate to the Ross Hutchison Foundation and let's together make a difference.

You can donate any amount you feel, it all helps immensely. Whatever spare cash you have lying in the back of the couch or car seat, such as $2, $25, $250,000... any amount really, will help.


The Ross Hutchison Foundation is a not for profit organisation providing opportunities for numerous projects and charity organisations based in Penrith.


Ross Hutchison Foundation

Allen Arcade,

 140 Henry St
Penrith, NSW, Australia

Contact: 02 47212620


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