Every year Rossco donates his time and money to collect all the winter clothes, blankets and non-perishable goods donated by generous locals.

These items are a huge benefit to the homeless and disadvantaged in the local area.  Rossco loves connecting with the local people in the Nepean Village Shopping Centre, having fun and collecting donations and gifts.

This is a huge task for Rossco and his team that tirelessly work to collect and distribute these much need items directly to the people that need them most.

Winter is very hard to cope for those that can't afford warm clothes, bedding, heaters or warm food to keep them going.  Too many of our local friends go without these basic items.

Rossco knows the hardship that so many homeless and disabled people go through just to make ends meet.  Too often, there are cases of the rich getting richer and the poor going without. 

That's why Rossco is so passionate about this important project.  He loves making sure that the items that are collected every day in the month of June get hand delivered to the team of volunteers at the homeless living centre and distributed straight to the people that need the help.

Keep in touch for next June in the Nepean Village Shopping Centre for Rossco and his volunteers and donate your winter clothes, bedding and non-perishable foods.  Every little bit helps.

For more information, please call 02 4721 2620 or email us at


The Ross Hutchison Foundation is a not for profit organisation providing opportunities for numerous projects and charity organisations based in Penrith.


Ross Hutchison Foundation

Allen Arcade,

 140 Henry St
Penrith, NSW, Australia

Contact: 02 47212620


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